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I Think I Say This Every Year…

“WOW! I can’t believe another year has passed already.” 2017 seemed to go by double quick with our little one around. Our son has changed and grown before our very eyes these 14 months. I wonder what this fresh, new year will hold for the 3 of us! I’m excited to find out!

New Year Resolutions

It’s traditional when entering into a new year to think of some goals you would like to accomplish. I have been thinking about mine a lot, so I thought I’d share them with you all.

My Top Three Goals for 2018!

Here they are folks!

  1. Be healthier and lose weight! I know, I know, typical. But seriously this is important to me, especially as my son is becoming more and more mobile. I want to be more than be able to keep up. Truly the goal is to be healthier, by eating a good diet and staying active. One of the best ways to be healthier is simply to cut out sugar, so I’m saying, “No sugar in 2018!”
    • Foods that spike your blood sugar cause your body to store excess sugars in fat cells. I have been reading Trim Healthy Mama and it is an incredible guide to live by to be healthy. It’s wonderful because it’s something you can ease into just by tweaking your own recipes, and your family will barely notice and will be eating healthy as well!
    • I’ve also been learning more about the immune system. (A journey that began as Lil’ Dino Daddy and I decided we would not be vaccinating our son. This begs the question, what will protect us all from illness?) Coupled with adding immunity boosting supplements to our diet such as Vitamin C, Elderberry Syrup, and Colloidial Silver, we are both very serious about removing sugar from our diet, for one very simple reason that sugar FEEDS bacteria. Gross! So essentially, when you are sick and eat sugar, you are making it more difficult for your body to heal. Our family will be switching permanently to a stevia blend. Does this mean we won’t touch sugar at all this next year? Realistically no, when we are out and about. However, I will not be purchasing sugar, white flour or white rice this year, (and that includes reading labels). so all my cooking and baking will be done without these two items.
  2. Continue to find areas to be more frugal in so that we can save as much money as possible and make our dream of farm living a reality. one way I’d like to do this is by getting really serious about meal planning with the items already in our pantry and freezer, and significantly limit eating out.
  3. Read through the Bible in chronological order. What better way to stay focused on the right things than to be in the Word consistently? This was actually a project I started back in November, but the app I use only starts at the beginning of the Bible in January, so it has now morphed into a New Year’s Resolution.

What about you?

What goals are you setting this year for you and your family?

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